Norton Security



Powerful Norton protection for your PCs, Macs®, smartphones and tablets

Benefits for you:

– Rock-solid Norton protection for the various devices you use;
– Specialised security for each of your devices;
– Peace of mind thanks to privacy protection;
– Flexible protection to grow with your needs;
– Refund protection assurance.

Direct to Cart link for Norton Security 1 Device, 1 year Subscription, for €29.99 (MSRP: €39.99)

Rest easy with rock-solid Norton protection for your various devices

The PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet you use every day — Yes, they are covered.

Direct to Cart link for Norton Security 1 year Subscription, for €41.99 (MSRP: €59.99)

Stay safe with specialised security.

Our protection helps keep your devices safe. Your PC and Mac are protected from viruses, online threats, identity theft and financial scams,while helping keep your smartphones and tablets safe from loss and privacy concerns like unwanted access to your messages, contacts and photos.

Norton Upgrade e rinnovi

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to privacy protection for your devices.

Your privacy. Your contacts. Your messages. All safe and sound.

Ensure your devices are always protected.

As you change the devices you use, we stay nimble and flexible, letting you easily move protection from one to another. New device? Easily protect that one too.

Protection so good, it’s assured.

We are so confident about our antivirus and malware protection that if you are a current subscriber to the Norton service and get a computer infection we cannot remove you will get a full refund, even after our standard 60-day guarantee expires*. That is assurance you cannot get from free solutions.

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